Avoid Truck Driving School and Truck Company Scams

Special offer through this website. Includes immediate downloads of "The Truth About Trucking" plus 6 bonuses and the PDF version of "The Truth About Trucking" by Aubrey "Allen" Smith

Allen Smith's ( CD and download, saving truck driving students and truck drivers alike, from the Trucking Industry Scams, preventing so many from ever reaching their goals and desires within the field of trucking. Author of "The Truth About Trucking" and EzineArticles expert, Aubrey, "Allen" Smith, describes the scams drivers experience from the Trucking Driving Schools and Trucking companies. He then goes on to describe how to avoid these scams and make trucking work! Many links are provided in the book leading students in the appropriate direction to find affordable CDL Training, locating the highest quality training, how to by pass the state given test, where to go for your test, and so much more. Drivers are given links to many more opportunites besides OTR trucking. The scams concerning the trucking companies are exposed and eyes are opened as the reader realizes how many more profitable truck driving jobs are available to them. Allen provides links to many sites for the readers' personal research and choices, eventually leading them towards a successful career in trucking.
Also included are the 4 Free Bonuses:
"The Sign-On Bonus Scam" ( A Big Trucking Company Trick)
"How to Pass the Pre Trip Inspection" ( getting your CDL)
"The 5 Best Trucking Companies in America"
"The Best Starter Company for truck driver training and New Drivers"
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